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Prior to approaching courts, the process of litigation can also commence either before the ROP

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We will provide you legal advice on any number of queries

Embassies and Immigration

We are closely attached to and acquainted with the working formalities of various embassies in the Sultanate.

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Our service may also be availed on the Import Export formalities


Oman and its Legal System

The Sultanate of Oman is the oldest independent Arab country. According to the Constitution, Islam is the official state religion. Islamic Sharia law as well as the oral teachings of Prophet Muhammad form the basis of legislation. Recent royal decrees have placed the entire court system-magistrates, commercial, Shari'a and civil courts--under the control of the Ministry of Justice.

The court system in Oman, regulated by Royal Decree 90/99, is a three tiered system having the Elementary Court (the lowest court), Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court (the highest court in the country). There is also an Administrative Court to look into cases against the government.