Commercial Companies Law

The provisions of this law regulate the commercial activities in various sectors. Experts at our firm have significant experience in handling contractual documents like Business Agreements, Agency Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Building Contracts, Dealership Agreements, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreement, etc. Apart from drafting the above we also perform scrutiny and review of legal and commercial agreements and provide legal opinion on the same.

The firm also assists in the incorporation of various types of companies like Limited Liability Companies, etc. and preparation of related documents. Our services in this regard include the following:

a) Assistance in incorporation documentation.
b) Dealing with the various Ministries.
c) Registration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce.
d) Registration with TaxationDepartment.
e) Registration with the concerned Municipalities.
f) All other support and assistance leading to securing the certificate of registration.