Criminal Law

The Penal Code lays down the various offences that are categorized as crimes and their punishments and The Penal Procedure Law prescribes the process to be followed in filing criminal cases. The first step in a criminal case is filing a complaint before the ROP, who after initial investigation will either close the matter or forward to the Public Prosecution if there is a credible case. The Public Prosecution shall, if required, meet with parties, analyze documents submitted and either close the file or push the case to the appropriate ourt if it feels that the matter needs to go on trial.

Being effectively represented at each of the above mentioned stages is important to ensure that your legal points are rightly presented and that you do not end up serving prison time for any offence you have not committed merely because of misrepresentation of facts. Our lawyers are very well experienced in handling all kinds of criminal cases and with our team by your side, you can be sure of exhausting all possible legal remedies.