Commercial Companies Law

The provisions of this law regulate the commercial activities in various sectors. Experts at our firm have significant experience in handling contractual documents.

Employment & Labour Law

The provisions of this law regulate employers, workers and working conditions in all kinds of establishments that have activities within the Sultanate. We assist companies in the preparation of Employee policies/ HR Manuals, Offer letters, Appointment Letters, Salary-hike letters

Civil Law

The provisions of this law apply to personal and commercial disputes that are civil in nature. The matters commence some times before the ROP but mostly before the Primary Court and can go on until the Appeal Court or Supreme Court.

Criminal Law

The Penal Code lays down the various offences that are categorized as crimes and their punishments and The Penal Procedure Law prescribes the process to be followed in filing criminal cases.

Banking, Finance and Insurance Law

The firm specializes in preparing agreements for banks and financial institutions. In addition to sending legal notices and initiating court proceedings for recovery of debts.

Laws related to the Construction Industry

Real Estate and Construction is one of the illustrious sectors in today's economy. With many construction projects taking shape and with many players competing.

Contract Law

In Oman, not only written, but verbal agreements are also considered valid. Therefore, a contract is deemed to be in existence from the time two parties exchange intention to perform certain acts for each other.

Medical Negligence

This law comes into play when doctors and institutes responsible for providing medical care are negligent in providing their services resulting in loss of health or any other loss to patients.

Cyber Law

With online activity having been on the rise, the Sultanate crossed a milestone by having in place Royal Decree No: 12/2011-The Cyber Crime Law to regulate the digital society.

Telecom Regulatory Law

In order to regulate the highly competitive telecommunication market in the Sultanate, a Telecom Regularity Authority was set up in 2002.

Consumer Protection Law

Every consumer in Oman has the right to receive honest, trustworthy products/services without compromise on quality. An authority called the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has been set up.